Shoot the lines

Greg Kadel

Collaboration berween model Abbey Lee Kershaw an fahion photographer Greg Kadel. This story with a pop art twist was shot for magazine Numero. The Illustrations where made by Mel Kadel.

Yelena Yemchuk

This crazy collage editorial was shot for the winter issue of  Tar Magazine. It was a collaboration between photographer Yelena Yemchuk, stylist Heathermary Jackson and set designer Chad Dziewior. I think it is a stunning mixed media spread with a new way of showing fashion in a non conservative setting who lends itself more towards art.

Mandy Rep

Danish graphic designer Mandy Rep designed her first fashion collection: The Fashion Furniture created as a school assignment (with brand COS in mind) is when furniture and fashion fuse together and are being monogamous with each other. (link)

Emir Sehanovic

The pieces of art are made by Emir Sehanovic include things he finds in his surroundings. Taking old photographs he creates vintage looking images full of depth. I like the many layers in his work, the colors and stains seem to infect the pictures like a virus. Very creative, beautiful in an extraordinary way.

By Me

Editorial shot for a fictive magazine, my own experiment on editing techniques. Ineteresting how these old fashion techniques like cutting and drawing can find their way into todays technology. In this way old meets new and we find a new translation of analogue editing.

Lola Dupre

The works of Lola Dupre have everything to do with deforming. She takes already existing pictures and transforms them into new forms and sizes. Especially the deformed models she adjusts by stretching their body’s I think have a deeper layer. Think about the almost perfect fashion photography we are used to, she shows us a new way of looking at them. Raising the question: what is more interesting?Take a look at her website  for more interesting works.

Bang Bang Berlin

I deeply fell in love with this special editorial. Made by an inspirational magazine called BangBang Berlin. Shows not only that editing images can create a new vibe, but also with the use of animations an ”avarige” fashion editorial gets a deeper meaning. It is very esthetic and makes me think about the future potential of fashion editorials.

Watch the whole video editorial here

Hattie Stewart

These fresh and funny illustrations are made by Hattie Stewart. She is an London based illustrator who is inspired by bright colors and many lines to create surprising and spontaneous pictures. For these images she took covers of magazines. The models almost have become like cartoons. I like the way she made these common pictures her own.